The Smarter Alternative

The Smarter Alternative

“At Cortland we believe that private debt offers the best risk adjusted returns currently available to investors.”

A large market – the value of non-mortgage private Canadian business borrowing not met by chartered banks was reported by Bank of Canada for July 2016 at $123 billion. Banks and other financial institutions do not have the capacity nor do they adequately support asset-based lending programs critical to growing Canadian Companies.

Our portfolio consists of traditional as well as non-traditional debt instruments, and consists primarily of self-liquidating assets – typically receivable and/or funded sale obligations.

These investments are structured with strong collateral support, multiple levels of recourse and credit enhancement. They represent a senior and secured claim on counterparty assets and therefore they hold a priority position with regards to payment.

Short Term Private Debt

Supply Chain Finance

The Result

Strategy Differentiation

At Cortland we believe that short-term private debt offers investors the best risk-adjusted returns available to investors.

Our ‘Supply Chain Finance’ portfolio consists of short-term, self-liquidating assets – typically receivables and/or funded sale obligations.

Past performance of the fund has demonstrated superior and low volatility returns.

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