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The Brexit Outcome


The following reflects the thoughts of our CEO Sean Rogister:

North American markets awoke this morning to the new reality of a United Kingdom that has chosen to exit the world’s largest economic block.

Investors now find themselves in uncharted waters and as result worldwide stocks have plunged and bond markets have moved rates to new lows. The future of the Euro-zone will be a quagmire of new international contract negotiations and administration for years to come.

The current volatile environment presents investors with a real challenge: how to build a long term investment strategy that generates reasonable income above inflation, avoids principal losses and incurs manageable volatility going forward.

The solution is to have a well-diversified portfolio with constituents that reduce correlations and lower risk.

Cortland‘s short-term, direct lending strategy is a conservative, alternative fixed income solution – providing debt capital into the business to business supply chain, with security targeted to exceed identifiable potential losses – designed to significantly enhance portfolio performance while contributing to an over-all lower risk profile.

· Returns of our private debt portfolio are based off commercial rates and not determined by the bond market.
· Our portfolio has very short duration with the underlying loans having average maturities of 45 days or less.
· The predecessor strategy displayed zero volatility during the 2008-2009-credit crisis.

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