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(As of June 30, 2021)

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Founded in 2013 Cortland Credit Group Inc. is an alternative asset management firm with a special focus on conservative private debt investment strategies.

We take pride in developing client-based solutions that offer principal protection while also targeting superior returns well above inflation with negligible volatility. Our aim is to add value with strong risk-adjusted returns.

Our asset management methodology employs institutional level standards and our founding partners have a wealth of experience with deep expertise in asset management and alternative debt strategies.

Cortland Credit Strategies LP

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Our Strategy

Our flagship fund, is based on our unique Supply Chain Finance asset-based strategy, that provides credit to fast growing mid-market enterprises in Canada.

We provide investors with an alternative to traditional fixed income strategies that we firmly believe will perform in all market environments.

Inserting ourselves into the business-to-business supply chain ensures that we possess very granular and real-time information on the counterparties to which we extend credit. We are able to achieve the highest degree of transparency with respect to the underlying fund investments. This benefits fund investors as they are able to receive institutional level disclosure.

We have years of direct experience in both private and public credit markets and we offer our products to both institutional and retail investors.

Based on our belief that secured, short-term private debt offers the best risk adjusted returns available to fixed income investors, our proprietary investment strategy, Supply Chain Finance is an asset-based lending platform consisting primarily of trade receivables and funded sale obligations.

Our strategy benefits from holding a priority position in the event of a credit event as well as a first lien on liquid and mission critical assets of our lending counter-parties.

By ensuring that there is multiple levels of recourse and with a structure that ensures exposures are supported by excess collateral, we have developed a conservative investment strategy designed to provide superior, low volatility and uncorrelated returns over the long term.

Our target vendors are solid businesses with well-established and repeat customers.
We undertake a thorough due-diligence of our counterparties and meticulously audit their receivable history.

By inserting ourselves into the business-to-business supply chain we ensure that we posses the highest quality of timely and granular information on counterparty credit worthiness. We are perfectly positioned to enforce our status as legal owner of the underlying assets.

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